As requested by Rico – A Description of TF2

He said my description of TF2 on my coursework is too short.  I said I would post it on here. I thought it would be a little bit longer. Boy I was wrong. Copied in full, no spell/grammar checks.

Team Fortress 2 (known as TF2) is a class based first person shooter. You choose from 9 different and unique classes with their own play styles and weapons. These classes are: The Scout, The Soldier, The Pyro, The Demoman, The Heavy, The Engineer, The Medic, The Sniper and Gabe Newells favourate class, The Spy. The Scout’s role is to flank, armed with a scattergun, a pistol and a bat, the scout can do high amounts of damage while taking minimal amount of damage by utalising his double jump feature, allowing him to doge splash damage from explosives. The soldiers role is to do large amounts of damage with his rocket launcher, shotgun and shovel. The demoman can use his secondary weapon to create traps that he can detonate at any time or he can use his primary weapon, the grenade launcher to do 100 damage if it hits the target directly. The pyro is another flanking class armed with a flamethrow, a shotgun and a fire axe. With his flame thrower you can press Mouse2 to use his “compression blast” to blast enemies and incomming projectiles away. The heavy is a tanking class, designed to do large amounts of damage with his minigun, shotgun and his own two fists. the engineer is a defensive class that can build sentires with his wrench. He can also build dispencers to give health and ammo to team mates and teleporters to get people from capture point A to capture pont B quickly. The medic is a healer class with his medigun, syringe gun and bone saw. the sniper is designed to be in the background, picking off targets with his sniper rifle that does 150 damage with a quickscope headshot, or 450 damage if you stay scoped in long enough. The spy is a stealth class that can go invisible and disguise as enemy gamers. He can also use his Electro Sapper to sap engineer buildings.

There are many gamemodes in TF2 ranging from payload, where the BLU team pushes a bomb into the RED teams base. King of The Hill (KOTH) Where BLU and RED fight over a single control point they have to control for a total of 3 minutes before they win the round and even a co-op game mode called “Mann VS Machine” where a team of 6 players on the RED team fight against waves of robots collecting their money and buying upgrades

TF2 isn’t just about using the same class with the same weapons. There are many weapon and cosmetic unlocks for each class that change the way the class is played. There is a weapon called “The Rocket Jumper” that does no damage at all to you or enemies and is commonly used with “The Market Gardener” a melee for the soldier that, when he is in the air from blast jumping, allows him to deal a critical hit to his enemies

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