The Death of The Potato Game (aka why you should backup)

Welp, this is annoying. This Potato Quality Picture is of my Lenovo Yoga 710 that I brought myself (with the help from family members) for Christmas. I’ve had it about 2 months, and it’s dead. During my use today it Blue Screen’d, which is mildly annoying, but I suspected windows just being windows. Nope, the 256GB SSD inside is no longer detected the BIOS, Windows Installer says their is a 0MB Drive, and Ubuntu finds nothing. The issue is, this laptop contained the only copy of the game I was working on for a Level 2 Game Development Course, and various other projects for my education. I had just setup a Backup system for my desktop a couple of weeks ago, and was going to get it working for the laptop this weekend. Even so, it’s an SSD, so it wont fail within 2 months of buying it? *sigh* Karma hit me hard,  I said to another individual telling me about the lost data they had I responded “You should do backups”. I have contacted Lenovo to repair it, under warranty  and I have to hope is just a loose connection and nothing has happened to said data.

Happy Valentines Day! The Day of Loosing data to Cupid.

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