Why won’t VGA die?

Video Graphics Array (or VGA) is obsolete, outdated and inferior to better standards. Why is still in use? In the UK its seems that every monitor (except from those new frangled 4K or ultrawide) supports it, and every other laptop that can fit it has one. The biggest issue about this standard for projectors that schools got 10 years ago and being the ONLY way of input to the monitor i’m typing on right now is that it’s ANALOGUE. This first means to signal quality decreases over distance. I’ve seen it where schools have the projector 20 metres away from the source, and then the picture looks complete arse.

The most annoying thing is getting converters for it. If you have a DVI Connector on your Laptop, your lying or talking about your Windows 98 machine with a serial port! HDMI to DVI then VGA wont work as HDMI is digital, DVI is both digital and analogue and VGA is only analogue, it just never works. HDMI to VGA adapters do exists, but the ones I’ve tried failed to display at the correction resolution or fail really quickly. Getting my new Yoga 710 laptop to connect to any projector (which happens a lot mind you) is a total nightmare!

*sigh* Americas and Europe seemed to move away from this standard faster, although DVI isn’t much better, at least it still is compatible with HDMI directly. Just needed to get this off my chest because I have been having so many issues with VGA cables it’s driving me crazy.

ALSO, Never, Never, Never screw in the little devils at the side, trying to take them out in a cramped desk area is the bloody worst!

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