The Lenovo Saga – Part 2- The Wait of 28 Working Days

This continues from Part 1 – The ‘Great’ Wall of Lenovo

After sending my Lenovo Yoga 710 Laptop to John Lewis, we were told it normally takes about 14 days to complete a repair, and they had up to 28 days to repair. Fine, we said. There is no tracking available on John Lewis’ website, so 14 days later we called them up to check the progress of it. After a bit of fumbling around on their side we found out that laptop hadn’t left the store we sent it into yet because Lenovo’s Magic Van hasn’t arrived. A week later, we called again, asking for the progress. It had now left the store, but Lenovo was closed, so they couldn’t ask them on the progress. Plus, in the conversation, we found out is not just 28 days, but 28 working days! Bringing the Laptop Refund date 3rd April 2017 and almost two months since the laptop broke. I am so tired and stressed out after the deadline keeps getting pushed back. I brought this laptop for education and it has taught me something, not to buy Lenovo products ever again! John Lewis keeps saying ‘We will contact Lenovo for Progress” yet we hear nothing back.


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