The Lenovo Saga – Part 3 – The End?

After the last blog post, we received a call from John Lewis saying that Lenovo had contact them, and was shipping it BACK. This was on the last day before we could get a refund, meaning I had to wait 5 days extra! But we did the hour drive to our nearest John Lewis, and Success! It works, even though it went to Germany according to the Employee. Oh well, at least I got it back.

Oh wait, I forgot i’m me.

Today, during my journey back from college, my Lenovo Yoga 710 cracked at the corner of the glass screen. This screen is not common like cheaper and legendary (ie. Macbook Pro). The screen costs £200 if you can find it in stock, which is just under a third of what I paid for it. I am student, so money is a once a year kinda thing. Even if we buy the the screen, installing it will be a nightmare. I’m so flipping sick of this! I know its my fault, but still its a extra stress with I thought iI removed, but it has to come back at GCSEs time as well! I don’t know how we will solve this, I don’t want a £650 paperweight.

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