The Lenovo Saga – Part 1 – The ‘Great’ Wall of Lenovo

After my Lenovo Yoga 710’s SSD died after only two months worth of use, I looked to get it repaired under warranty with Lenovo, so I submitted a service request the same day, on February 14. I explained clearly what the issue was, the diagnostics issue I went thought; I didn’t just put “computer aint workin”. I got a automated email saying my ticket was registered that day. Fast forward to the next morning, and I got two more emails (from a different email address for some reason), one saying the exact same as yesterdays email, but with a different ticket number, and other one saying my ticket has “been updated and the repair is underway”. What Lenovo had done was closed my original ticket and opened a new one; bit odd I thought but still, they should reply to the new one, right?

5 Days Later, the ticket was closed in the same way as my original ticket, with not even a WORD said by anybody. The repair was “Completed” without the laptop leaving my desk. I didn’t get a canned response to my issue or a message if I got the wrong department; even Steam Support (which got a F from the better business bureau) responses with some information. I then use their email tool to contact them, and its been two days since I got a email stated “You will receive a response shortly.”  


I just got a email back from Lenovo telling me to ‘Run a test in LSC and send it back in HTML format’. What. First of all I thought is what the hell is LSC, never heard of it. A Google later, its Lenovo Solution Center, a piece of software for Windows to Diagnose issues. Yep, just run a Windows application when I cant get into Windows. Also he wants me to provide more information about ‘Plugging in a HDMI Cable.’ Joy.


I gave up, and went to the retailer, John Lewis who I didn’t go to in the first place as they should be ‘Better’ at repairing their own laptop. A 10 minute call was all it took to get my laptop to be paid for by courier to be taken for repair (we don’t have a John Lewis local). I’ve had so much stress over this laptop and i’m so glad it’s getting repaired.

Shame on you Lenovo, shame on you. I really like your products, my phone is a Motorola G4 and I love it, and the Yoga 710 is great! Trackpad isn’t the best but at least it’s better than your support.

Plans for 2017

UPDATE: I’ve added a few more, since I just finished a few already, too easy!

Although it’s a month away, I should really start fresh in 2017, as this year has been a dud for my goals. According to this video by Tom Scott [link], writing down your goals makes you more likely to do them. Because Science. Let’s have a go:

Goals for 2017

  • Get my GCSEs, with this new stupid level 1 – 9 system.
  • Fix the permission issues on this website. – Done – Just had to to refresh permalinks.
  • Get a new Laptop for College (Razer Blade Stealth?)  – Got a Lenovo YOGA 710, Review in January
  • Get more exercise.
  • Learn the basics of a C Language (C# or C++)
  • Do something for charity.

Projects for 2017

  • Make more YouTube Videos.
  • Get my file server up and running.
  • Complete some sort of software/video game and release it.