Update October 2017

What’s been happening?

Quite a bit, I’ve been getting back into software development with the help of my excellent tutor and a greater reason to finish the project. I’ve also been brainstorming for some future projects and trying to finish some delayed projects.

So what are these ‘Projects’?

So as none of you know, as it seems only robots read this blog at the moment, I’ve got a newer website which uses basic PHP and MySQL to load pages in a really ghetto way. apurnell.com is going to replaced with adampurnell.net, but I’m not going to be using WordPress. Although WP is great and damn near everywhere, I’m not happy with the theme development system and the procedural development style. Introducing, Swiftwater (named after the TF2 map of the same name).

Swiftwater is my own fully custom OOP Content Managment System. I started it back in April, and it’s nearing completion. I’m really happy with it, with is simple yet feature rich design following MVP design pattern. I’ve already got some clients interested in it, so I hope those deals go through. I’ve haven’t got much else to say apart that Halloween is my goal for “finishing” this, although some life issues are getting in the way of that.

Anything Else?

I also have been working on a youtube-dl frontend. Youtube-dl is the most reliable and open source (woo!) video downloader, however it’s a CLI (Command Line Interface) program. I’ve got a basic version which I use for downloading videos from my mashup channel, but I hope to release it under MIT by the end of year.

Finally, I’ve had a few idea for future hardware projects and videos. Work will start after I “finish” Swiftwater. Not saying anything yet but I hope it will be exciting!

Hopefully it won’t be as long between posts next time, I’ve been working on this post for over a month now!

The Lenovo Saga – Part 1 – The ‘Great’ Wall of Lenovo

After my Lenovo Yoga 710’s SSD died after only two months worth of use, I looked to get it repaired under warranty with Lenovo, so I submitted a service request the same day, on February 14. I explained clearly what the issue was, the diagnostics issue I went thought; I didn’t just put “computer aint workin”. I got a automated email saying my ticket was registered that day. Fast forward to the next morning, and I got two more emails (from a different email address for some reason), one saying the exact same as yesterdays email, but with a different ticket number, and other one saying my ticket has “been updated and the repair is underway”. What Lenovo had done was closed my original ticket and opened a new one; bit odd I thought but still, they should reply to the new one, right?

5 Days Later, the ticket was closed in the same way as my original ticket, with not even a WORD said by anybody. The repair was “Completed” without the laptop leaving my desk. I didn’t get a canned response to my issue or a message if I got the wrong department; even Steam Support (which got a F from the better business bureau) responses with some information. I then use their email tool to contact them, and its been two days since I got a email stated “You will receive a response shortly.”  


I just got a email back from Lenovo telling me to ‘Run a test in LSC and send it back in HTML format’. What. First of all I thought is what the hell is LSC, never heard of it. A Google later, its Lenovo Solution Center, a piece of software for Windows to Diagnose issues. Yep, just run a Windows application when I cant get into Windows. Also he wants me to provide more information about ‘Plugging in a HDMI Cable.’ Joy.


I gave up, and went to the retailer, John Lewis who I didn’t go to in the first place as they should be ‘Better’ at repairing their own laptop. A 10 minute call was all it took to get my laptop to be paid for by courier to be taken for repair (we don’t have a John Lewis local). I’ve had so much stress over this laptop and i’m so glad it’s getting repaired.

Shame on you Lenovo, shame on you. I really like your products, my phone is a Motorola G4 and I love it, and the Yoga 710 is great! Trackpad isn’t the best but at least it’s better than your support.

Plans for 2017

UPDATE: I’ve added a few more, since I just finished a few already, too easy!

Although it’s a month away, I should really start fresh in 2017, as this year has been a dud for my goals. According to this video by Tom Scott [link], writing down your goals makes you more likely to do them. Because Science. Let’s have a go:

Goals for 2017

  • Get my GCSEs, with this new stupid level 1 – 9 system.
  • Fix the permission issues on this website. – Done – Just had to to refresh permalinks.
  • Get a new Laptop for College (Razer Blade Stealth?)  – Got a Lenovo YOGA 710, Review in January
  • Get more exercise.
  • Learn the basics of a C Language (C# or C++)
  • Do something for charity.

Projects for 2017

  • Make more YouTube Videos.
  • Get my file server up and running.
  • Complete some sort of software/video game and release it.